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11 Waffle Recipes to Try on St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Brittany Leaning on Mar 15, 2016 10:07:29 PM
Brittany Leaning

These festive waffle recipes will be your new lucky charm.

1) Green Velvet Waffles (With Cream Cheese Glaze)

2) Green Spinach Protein Waffles

3) Irish Soda Bread Waffles

4) Savory Corned Beef Hash Waffles

5) Stacked Rainbow Waffles (With Pot-of-Gold Whipped Cream)

6) Rainbow-in-One Waffles

7) Green Waffle Cake (With Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream)

8) Chocolate Guinness Waffles

9) Chocolate Chip Irish Cream Waffles

10) Sweet Potato Waffles (With Guinness Syrup)

11) Guinness Chocolate Sauce

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